Things To Know
Before Buying A Computer

We see it all too often. You are thinking about buying a new computer but dont know much about them. You wander into your local computer store, and you are dependent on a salesperson to give you the information you need to make a decision. Now lets face it, a salesperson has a job to do. It is up to them not only to help you make a decision, but also to get as much money out of your pocket and into their tills as possible. Salespeople are assessed on their performance, based on their monetary figures, and so they almost always have a double agenda when making a recommendation to you.

Now try not to be prejudicial here, even salesmen have to eat. Unfortunately it can be a very cut-throat industry that they work in, and there are certain performance levels required of them if they expect to keep their job. However you shouldn't make yourself an easy target.


This goes for most anything that you are going to splash out a hundred bucks or more on, but lets stick with computers for the moment.

When you are in the store, each machine will have a list of specifications to show you what it is built from. The following pages will teach you how to use this information to ensure you get the best system for your needs, independent of salesperson advice, and also what to look out for in the sales process to ensure you get yourself the best deal.